Homemade Hummus
BROTH & BRINE is the newest concept of Gluten-Free Wellness Chef Jacqueline Myers. For her guests, Jacqueline envisions a neighborhood kitchen where you always feel at home and well-fed with colorful, fresh, food----loaded with flavor.
Naturally-healthy and nothing sacrificed, BROTH & BRINE welcomes you to a chef's kitchen where you can find dependable specialties and seasonal chef-crafted dishes---- hitting the foodie notes that only a local, independent eatery can provide.
AT BROTH & BRINE, our neighborhood craft kitchen endeavors to keep you coming back time and again. You deserve refined customer service, an inviting atmosphere, fresh & whole food ingredients, flavors that delight, and a place to call home.
You also deserve a kitchen that cooks from scratch, as well as a place where your dining party can order without worry from the same menu, knowing that anything you choose is safely prepared in a dedicated craft kitchen free of wheat-gluten containing ingredients. BROTH & BRINE is celiac safe. Sensitivity levels vary, and cross-reactivity can occur for anyone with a food allergy. Therefore, we ask that you always do your own due diligence when determining whether a particular dish meets your food sensitivity standard.
We pledge to live up to your expectations by putting our heart and soul into every dish we serve. Food is L-O-V-E! 
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Herbs and Vegetables